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 Intuitive Energy. Feminine Spirit. Artist Within.

Artist: Luciana 

Meaning of name : light; that which brings the light

Artist Mission: To Inspire. To light the world.

 Gallery: Luciana art

Motto: Paint the world brighter. One brushstroke at a time. 

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 Social media contact: Instagram lucccibella

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 Your Awesome!


 Paintings that speak of the soul.  
Unveiling the essence of ...U.

The Mindful Daydreamer

Daydreamers are highly creative souls  who are quite imaginative and passionate.

 Portrait Series 8" x 8"  


 Transformation from within. 

     Translate your Vision to The world. 

Portrait Series 12"x 12"

 Darling Diva

A Celebrated female singer in the opera World. 

Portrait series: 8" x 8"

                                                                                                     Frozen In Time 

                                                                                      Featured In The Artist's Magazine

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