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 Artist: Luciana
origin: Latin
Name meaning:  Light, that which brings the light

Lets get personal .
 I have always known that I desire to be an artist.  it is my passion.
 at an early age , i would love to draw and paint., on anything.
  I felt good to create. and it was fun.
i am certain that my passion, originated from my Italian parents. whom emigrated to Canada. however,  as passionate as they were about the arts, they were not supportive of me pursuing it as a career.  They were concerned that artists only make money when they are dead.  That was their belief system. 
so at an early age  I learned to take a stand,  that i can make it as an artist. I believed in me.
while attending,  Notre dame college, a partial private  high school and college
  I became an  honour student and  received the arts award. I knew I had perseverance  because it took every year to be at the top in order to win the 4 year arts award.
shortly afterwards, i attended Niagara college,.  it was there,  that i met an  influential, Scottish art  professor named  ken Cosgrove.., He believed in my talents, indicating that i had a distinctive drawing style. 
 little did i know at the time, he  was years later
to play a vital role as
one of my testimonials for achieving artist of extraordinary ability.  
  I had sold my first print (ballerinas, ) that i had completed in his classroom. to a woman on the street whom owned a ballet studio.  Ironic as it was , I attended ballet myself for two years in my youth. 
  I decided to attend University with intention to receive my Bachelors of arts so i may teach the arts.   I was accepted to York University, Toronto Canada. I majored in painting , drawing and art history . This was a big move as i moved away from home.
I feel the biggest lesson was simply to be more open minded of creativity. in exploring possibilities.  University teaches you to be more disciplined but it definitely did not teach me to paint. in retrospect.  With that being said, i value formal education and teachers.
While attending university i would teach part time on the weekends to young children. 
i still remember the first class I had. It was memorable,  when the course was complete,d, the students asked me to step outside because they had a surprise for me. When i reentered the room , the entire chalk board read with all their signatures on it...
we love you miss Lucy.. we will miss you. i never forget that day.
  I was so a wave of appreciation. be continued