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United States of America awarded Luciana status of Artist of Extraordinary Ability, based upon her credentials and talents as being among the top in her field. Luciana, an Italian Canadian International figurative artist received a Bachelor Of Fine Art Honours Degree from York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Fabiilli received the four year academic Award for the arts from Notre Dame College, Canada. In Dallas, she was instrumental in expanding the children's art program Irving Arts Center Las Colinas TX.


 Her paintings transformed from subtle use of color via the medium

pastel to the vibrant color palette in Dallas, Texas. Her influence of color is definitely that of the Fauvist period, with emphasis on complimentary colors. The colors resonate a vibrant energy similar to Matisse. The facial features are familiar to Modigliani's elongation


The creative process is truly like channeling with divine spirit. It is all about the intuitive energy flowing, without having any preconceived notion what the end result will be.

The images of the paintings capture the soul of the subject matter. Her sole purpose is to paint a subject she knows best...a woman.

The paintings reveal characters of inner beauty, intelligence and strength in femininity of what Fabilli calls... 

Renaissance of the New Woman.

"Ms. Fabiilli has successfully created an evocative style that is completely original and instantly recognizable."

Luciana is an International figurative artist with an intention to paint the Women of Today, yet recognize the Women of the Past.

She is the epitome of the Renaissance Woman...The rebirth of the new Woman.

As an International Artist, her work has appealed to professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, both businessmen and businesswomen. They have fallen in love with her and her work. The diversity of art collectors intrigued by her work range from Canada, USA, Europe and Middle East.


Colors of humanity 2021

Special Recognition Patterns Exhibit The Fabric of Life 2020

LightSpaceTime art 2020

Darling Diva received Portrait distinguished art award

Art Ascent Magazine Issue: Portraiture 2018

French Sailor received special recognition award

Open theme: lightspacetime art 2017

Mystic and Deep In Sea received special recognition award

Colors of humanity : Blue 2017

Green With Envy received distinguished art award

Art Ascent Magazine 2016 Issue Green.

Art Lover received Special Recognition award

All Women Exhibition 2016: lightspacetimegallery.

Art Lover Honorable mention international Portraits

Focuspointshape gallery 2016

Bella Special Recognition award figurative exhibition 2015

Featured Artist Showcase of The Month 2015 Lightspacetimegallery.

Finalist Gateway to Sedona

The Artists Magazine competition 13,000 entries Received Experimental Award Human Figure: Blue.

Special Recognition award 2014 All Women's exhibition.

Award of Excellence Manhattan Arts International

Special Recognition Award Women 2013 competition;

Special Recognition Figurative Exhibition 2014

Dallas Critics Choice Award

Manhattan Arts International Award of Excellence

World Women Dallas Texas

International Publications

Magazines Publications

Shanti Arts Phenomenal Women Magazine 

Art Ascent International Magazine

Manhattan Arts International

The Artist's Magazine: Featured Article

Melding Passion and Technique

Encyclopedia of Living Artist Front inside cover

Today's Dallas Women Magazine

 The Turtle Creek News

Plano Profile Magazine

Art Business News

Grace Magazine Front Cover

Plano star Newspaper Featured Article

Richardson Newspaper Arts and entertainment

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Fusion Art Magazine


Muses of Inspiration, Solo Show artgallery 5'14

March Women's Virtual Exhibit artgallery 5'14

Still Points Gallery Juried Show

Colors of Humanity Red Juried Show

Sarasota Art Center, Florida: Portrait Juried Show

Sarasota Art Center: Florida's Finest Juried Show

Lucky 13 juried Show : Mesquite Nevada

Dallas Museum Of Art

African American Museum

San Bernardino Museum , California.

Invitational show Art Monaco

Miami River Art Art Basel 2012.

Televised in Ecuador channels.

Solo Art Miami inaugural exhibit showcasing creative minds

with a special tribute to Master Cundo Bermudez. Florida

Creative Process

Creativity takes courage...Henri Matisse.

Imagination is more Important than Knowledge...Albert Einstein.

The creative process is a joyful journey of exploration and meditation. I luciana quiet the mind and allow intuitive energy to guide me thru time and space on the canvas. It is divine energy that allows me to be present in the moment of painting. I simply begin with a blank canvas not knowing what the final out​come will be. The images of these women muses unfold onto the canvas. They are my creative muses of inspiration each one speaks from the soul...Luciana.

Redfield Tavern. Permanent collection. Dallas. Texas. 

Artistic Comments.       What People are saying about Luciana's work.

MatinaVossou  "What a beautiful portrait, Luciana

I love the fact that you used bright and warm colors to depict Autumn

which is a transitional season and it is connected with melancholic images! but not in your case! 

The idea of change for you has vibrant hues, positive hues!

The Heraclitus quote is absolutely suited here: change is happening in our battlefields day in day out..

but we have to stay positive in front of every new change, like your wonderful paintings.

SuzeStylelab...In support of International Women's Day check out my fav IG Artist!

Suze Solari... I am in love with your painting style.

I am a fan of your art.....Gagaa.rt

I am in love with your paintings...giancarlosolertorrijos

Love your inspiring colorful paintings...leah_smileygirl

J adore...mona.chouk

II get such a European feel to your muses,

 They are just breathtaking...Olgbellaray


Could see this one  on one of my scarves....Rosalee_kartactofoll

I love your art...chocolate secrets

Wonderful expressive works....artistjenkins


love your work...chajesi

Beautiful works...the.matt.quest.art

All of them are beautiful...isaura.almeida.arte

Thank you to all for the awesome artistic support!