Painting that speak of the soul.  
Artistic Muses of Inspiration.  
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 Intuitive Energy.  
Feminine Spirit.  Artist Within.

Creativity takes Courage

                           ----------- Henri Mattise.

The photo was taken of artist, Luciana In Nice, France. 

Matisse Museum formerly his home. 

It was like you could feel his presence!

The Creative Process is  a  joyful journey of   exploration and meditation. 

I, Luciana the artist,  quiet the mind and allow my intuitive energy to guide me  thru time and space on the canvas.   It is divine energy that allows me to be present in the moment of painting.   I have no reference point. No photos to refer to.  I simply start with a blank canvas not knowing what the final outcome will be.   The  images of these women  unfold on canvas. They are my creative muses of inspiration.  ... each one speaks from the soul.  The creative process is definitely for me ... a connection with divine spirit.

I also work on several paintings at a time to stay in the creative flow.