Painting that speak of the soul.  
Artistic Muses of Inspiration.  
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 Intuitive Energy.  
Feminine Spirit.  Artist Within.


Montey Warden

Executive Director and Art Relations Director

Relations Director For the exclusive La Cima Art Gallery.

Luciana's talent is unsurpassed in the field of contemporary art. Her creativity, prolific output and remarkable use of vivid colors, have left a significant imprint on the art world.

Melissa White Sauvage

Executive Director 

Deep Ellum Center for the Arts, Dallas, TX

She is the most impressive contemporary artist working today. She developed  a unique style that truly redefines the use of color and space. She challenges the boundaries of artistic communication by elevating the use of paint as a medium to a new level.

Greg Schaber 

Art Critic and Executive Editor 

 The Artist's Magazine

It is rare that you find an artist whose combined interpretive ability and painting skills allow them to step above the the ordinary to the extraordinary, as Ms. Amirgholi has done.

Her use of exaggerated figures to create visual metaphors for a wide range of emotions while maintaining a positive feel, marks her as an artist of singular vision.

Gordon Dane 

Art Critic for the distinguished magazine Manhattan Arts International

The subject in paintings by Luciana exude the idealized beauty associated with classic Renaissance and the voluptuous Femme Fatale of  the Impressionists.

Luciana's works transcend locale and are imbued with a a timeless sensuality.

The artist places symbolic imagery in her paintings such as pictures within pictures which adds a sense of mystery to her narratives.

Giancarlo S.           

Vienna, AU

I am most impressed by your artwork. They are so expressive and colorfull!

I am glad to have you as my friend. Your insights have always been correct and helpful. Congratulations!

Laura and Joe M.          

Manhattan NY

Love luciana and her art.

They reflect her colorful soul.

I value her paintings and her. A gift to life


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I get such a European feel to your muses. They are just breathtaking!

Such great content you have! everyone HAST TO see your feed 

You are an inspiration to us all

keep up the great work, nothing but smiles...taylor_merrell

Chris Geremia Silver Palm Publishing

You have lovely art that is full of passion, sensitivity and great technique.

Such An Inspiration!...



Thanks for sharing this great content with us!

Keep the great work up!...

It is a very peculiar painting. Never seen something like this..Congratulations..

Beautiful page!

Beautiful painting keep up the good work



Art goes with your choice of words and I must say that it's amazing! keep posting!

Love this!

nice pic-composition!

Totally admirable

I just came across your page and I find it stunning! beautiful! 

Not like anything I've ever seen!Thank you for sharing this blessing with the world!  

Beautiful content!



I get such a European feel to your muses. They are just breathtaking!